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What others have to say about Lloyd Borrett:

Online Sales

“Lloyd enabled us to transform our business from a local dive shop into Australia’s largest online dive store. Thanks to Lloyd we now sell nationally and internationally. He combined confident efficiency, common-sense strategic planning and spot-on decision making, plus plain old straight hard work, to produce an online sales solution that put our business ahead of the game.”
Peter Fear, Director, The SCUBA Doctor

“Lloyd’s experience in this industry is instantly recognizable and he has always been happy to pass this on and share his wealth of knowledge. I have enjoyed working with Lloyd and his candor and insight has time and time again proven to be spot on.”
James Caldwell, Online Delivery Manager, AVG (AU/NZ)


“During his four years with the Avalanche Technology Group (AVG AU/NZ), Lloyd provided strong leadership to our marketing team, more recently taking ownership of our PR and communications role. Lloyd attacks his work with passion and determination. Lloyd’s skill set is broad. He has strong web skills, understands marketing, was able to quickly grasp the concepts behind security and turn himself into one of Australia’s leading spokesman on security. A talented individual and a nice man.”
Peter Cameron, CEO, AVG (AU/NZ)

“Lloyd is consummate professional when it comes to professional services, marketing, and working with the media. His work with AVG AU/NZ has raised the AVG brand and profile in his region. While Lloyd is great in technology he also has a broad spectrum of knowledge and interest, one of the reasons he is one of my favorite people. Happy to be able to call him Mate!”
Larry Bridwell, Global Security Strategist, AVG Technologies

“In a very short period of time, in a rapidly growing and changing context, Lloyd has managed to capture the essence of this emerging enterprise (the ITR Group) and all its constituent business units and Lloyd has produced business profiles, web-sites, marketing strategies, tenders and associated material that is of the highest quality imaginable. Well done Lloyd!”
Alan Singer, Non-Executive Director, ITR Group

“Lloyd is a pro at branding, positioning and channels. He stands alone with respect to the marketing of professional services, but at the same time is technologically and product savvy. Over and above this, he is a true blue Aussie that you can trust like a mate.”
Tim Norton, CEO, Omniton

“When it comes to creative and energetic Marketers, you’d be hard pressed to find someone more capable or knowledgeable than Lloyd. His ability to “connect the dots” and come up with great business outcomes is second to none. Lloyd balances his maturity and acumen perfectly with his effervescent personality, making him an inspiring and very capable colleague.”
Matthew Porter, Director of Software Development, Frostbyte Consulting

“Lloyd is great at technology marketing and solutions selling. He’s got some really good ideas and can see things from different perspectives. On top of that, he’s a really friendly guy with great sense of humour.”
Linus Chang, CEO, Cortex IT Labs

Communications and Public Relations

“Having watched him speak at our events, Lloyd has an ability to engage an audience and build relationships with media, based primarily around his excellent subject knowledge and his very authentic personal appeal. I’ve also spoken to Lloyd for articles I have written on technology marketing, because Lloyd has such a well-developed understanding of marketing, particularly in an online environment and the underlying importance of measuring and achieving return on investment.”
Phil Sim, CEO, MediaConnect Australia

“Lloyd is a communication professional’s dream — he jumps at media opportunities, is always on message, and simply oozes enthusiasm for his subject. No hesitation in recommending him!”
Pat Bitton, Global Communications, AVG Technologies

“Lloyd understands security and anti virus, and is an articulate and knowledgeable company spokesman. My experience was that he did a good job of representing AVG with press in Australia.”
Roger Thompson, Chief Research Officer, AVG Technologies

“Sincerely passionate and self driven about all things online, Lloyd was able to speak at length on pretty much any topic, revealing solid technical underpinnings to fuel his Global PR Vision. A character amongst us, Lloyd was always full of vigour for his workplace, his brand, and of course his hobbies; a wonderful person to share the office with.”
Billy Day, Financial Controller, AVG (AU/NZ)

“I have acted as PR locum on behalf of Boyd PR for some years in an ad hoc capacity for AVG and during that time I watched Lloyd develop the profile of AVG and his role as industry commentator clearly and succinctly. His dedication and passion for security is very unique. He is always open to new ideas and ways of doing things and more than capable of stepping in at short notice with a great story.”
Cathryn van der Walt, Director, 12 Worlds

“Lloyd is one the most congenial and helpful persons that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with throughout my career. At all times he has been thoroughly professional and displays a deep knowledge of the industry that he works in. If I ever need some technical advice about IT security issues, Lloyd will be my first go-to.”
Stan Beer, Editor-in-chief, iTwire

“Lloyd is an expert in putting a human face on Anti-Virus research and the products his employer (AVG) provided. His ability to hid his strong, well through-through message inside a soft shell of humour made that message all the more compelling. As a media contact, Lloyd was always very forthcoming with the pithy opinion or the “slightly out there” perspective on the latest nastiness on the web.”
David Heath, Contributor, iTwire

Social Media

“Lloyd has been a fantastic partner to work with in helping us to spread AVG’s message far and wide using social media. He completely understands the medium and is able to make compelling content that resonates with a global audience.”
Jas Dhaliwal, Head of Social Media Communities, AVG Technologies

“Lloyd passion for technology is inspiring! If it is out there, Lloyd knows about it! His passion combined with his vast knowledge and wealth of experience in Marketing makes Lloyd a communications expert with the ability to turn complex stories into language for the wider community.”
Carmel Flannery, General Manager, Cortex IT Labs


“I can highly recommend Lloyd to anyone who needs strategic or tactical help gearing a business. Lloyd was pivotal in helping to rework our business after two significant acquisitions. Lloyd clearly understands how to align services with market needs and trends as well as re-defining brand, value and services and then tying it all together in an organisational structure that delivers your vision and business plan. And, he rolls up his sleeves and gets involved to deliver the new business with you.”
Stephen Collard, Managing Director, EQUUS Consulting

“Lloyd is an astute professional who worked in a friendly yet collaborative manner. He was a well respected and valued member of management who made great contributions to the strategy of the business.”
Terry Georgiou, Group Financial Controller, ITR Group

“Lloyd’s work was instrumental to the effort that enabled Oakton to successfully list on the Australian Stock Exchange immediately after the ‘dotcom’ crash. There can be few more challenging roles than the IT manager for an IT Consulting company! His leadership led to coherent systems that delivered consistently. No challenge seemed too tough and Lloyd demonstrated a key ability to get things done.”
John Quinn, Owner, Moss & Hooper

“I have worked with Lloyd in a number of roles over the years, from his time at Expert IS right through to his role at Monash.NET. Lloyd is a fine individual, highly skilled, well networked, and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in endorsing any activity he is involved in.”
Stephen Frost, IT Manager, Australian Christian Services

“I have worked with Lloyd since his joining Expert Information Services in 1994 as Marketing Manager, and later, General Manager. Lloyd’s contribution was instrumental in growing the company from a handful of people, single-customer company to one with over one hundred employees and one of the leaders in the industry. For the duration of his tenure, Lloyd was one of the key faces of the company, leading our journey into the world of big business. Outside of work, Lloyd is also a very interesting and pleasant person to deal with, with a wide variety of hobbies and interests. I take pride of having known Lloyd and having worked with him.”
Vahram Harutyunyan, Principal Architect / Research Manager, Expert Information Services

“Lloyd is a ‘live wire’. He has the imagination, drive and ambition to see projects through to the very end. As a Journalist and Editor, I have found Lloyd’s writing style and level of the grammatical understanding of the language, very impressive. His written expression is an example to others. Lloyd is a bright, intelligent person, and works honestly with people at all levels. Above all, he is a man of integrity and I’m proud to call him a friend.”
Dennis Frankel, Technical Writer / Help Systems Developer, Infosys

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