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What’s In A Name

The name of the business is the portmanteau “Chaordent” (kay-ord-ent) which refers to a system of governance for an entity that blends characteristics of chaos and order. It is based on the term “chaordic” coined by Dee Ward Hock, the founder and former CEO of the VISA credit card association.

Many leading scientists believe that the principal science of this century will be the study of complex, autocatalytic, self-organising, non-linear, adaptive systems, usually referred to as “complexity” or “chaos theory.” They believe that such systems, perhaps even life itself, arise and thrive on the edge of chaos with just enough order to give them pattern, but not so much to slow their adaptation and learning.

The “Chaordent” name comes from our goal to have a business that has a real existence — “entity” — with an essential nature and culture of dynamic tension: encourage as much innovation, competition and initiative as possible — “chaos” — while building in the frameworks, methodologies and mechanisms for cooperation — “order”.

Chaordent (kay-ord-ent) 1: a simultaneously chaotic and orderly entity. 2: an entity patterned in a way dominated neither by chaos nor order. 3: an entity existing in the phase between chaos and order.

Chaordent definition

“Chaordent” being a made-up, unique name with a message, helps us to stand out as a brand in the marketplace, plus in all-important Internet searches and search engine rankings.

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